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Children’s Services

Children who have lived with violence need intervention even if you think they did not witness the violence. Hubbard House provides a way for children to get these services in a free and convenient way. All of Hubbard House’s children’s programs provide guidance for children in safety planning, understanding and expressing one’s emotions, and non-violent conflict resolution.

Emergency Shelter Children’s Programs

While living in shelter, children are provided programs to help them continue their education and address the violence they have witnessed. Children learn the violence is not their fault and what they can do to remain safe as well as non-violent conflict resolution skills. Individual counseling and support groups are offered.

Therapeutic Childcare Center

In 1979, Hubbard House became one of the first domestic violence shelters in the nation to provide therapeutic day care for infant, toddlers, and preschool residents. We provide much more than excellent and loving care. We developed a curriculum for children who have lived with violence that focuses on self esteem, non-violent conflict resolution, and safety training. Because the childcare center is in the secure shelter setting, the parent can go to work or look for work, go to court hearings, etc. and know the children are safe.

Hubbard House School

Children of shelter residents in grades kindergarten through eighth grade have access to a safe secure Duval County Public School site, which helps students pursue their education in an environment of safety and concern. The children receive individualized attention from Duval County Public School teachers who, besides offering the traditional school course work appropriate to grade level, have been trained in the issues that affect children who have experienced violence in their homes.

Children’s Counseling Program

Individual counseling is available for children, ages 3-17, who need additional help dealing with the effects of violence in their lives. This counseling can include the use of children’s art and play therapy, which is especially helpful with children who cannot adequately express their emotions in words. Individual counseling is available to children in shelter or on an outreach basis.

For more information about the emergency shelter please call the 24-hour hotline at (904) 354-3114 or 800-500-1119.

Helping at Risk Kids (HARK)

HARK (Helping at Risk Kids) is a therapeutic intervention and prevention program designed to empower children from abusive homes, consisting of a 12-week course. The children, ages 4-17, are separated into age-appropriate groups. Heavy emphasis is placed on breaking the cycle of violence by teaching anger management, non-violent conflict resolution, and respect for others. The development of individualized safety plans