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Volunteer Spotlight: First Coast Manufacturing Association Progress Class

August 30, 2012

Volunteers founded Hubbard House in 1976, and today our volunteers continue to serve a vital role in every aspect of the agency. Why are volunteers so important to Hubbard House? Volunteers contribute their time and energy, their ideas and ideals. They increase our visibility in the community, expand our capacity to provide services, and send a strong message of caring to our clients.

It is because of the support and generosity given by Hubbard House volunteers and donors that we are able to provide services to more than 5,000 women, children, and men annually and ensure that their hope for peace, dreams of tomorrow, and strength for their children are not lost.

This volunteer spotlight focuses on the Professional Progress Class from the First Coast Manufacturing Association. The First Coast Manufacturing Association is a nonprofit organization focused on keeping manufacturing in Northeast Florida. This organization works to teach the importance of manufacturing in our community and helps manufacturing companies maintain a successful business. These volunteers spent eight hours in the hot Florida sun re-mulching, repainting and revitalizing the playground at the Hubbard House for the children at our shelter to enjoy.

We spoke with Adam Bovitch, member of the Progress Class, about the group