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Emergency Shelter

The Hubbard House Emergency Shelter is a safe, secure, and confidential facility. It is the heart of what we do. The decision to leave your home and come into shelter is never an easy one but it is made harder by misconceptions about shelter. People picture a stark room with rows of bunks and no privacy. That is not the case. Shelter is a warm and welcoming environment, for either individuals or families, and has actual bedrooms each with their own bathroom. We try to give each family their own bedroom but at times two families will share a bedroom. The living room, play areas and kitchens are shared with others. The playground has a privacy fence so children cannot be seen. The shelter is a highly secure facility where victims and their children can safely rest and plan for their future. There is a day care center within the secure facility as well as a school.

Victims are often hesitant to take their children to shelter but this is a happy place; a place where they know no one will hurt them or their parent. Parents often find their children do not want to leave. Close bonds are formed in shelter, as you can finally talk with others who know what you have experienced.

Sometimes families come to shelter with nothing but the clothing they are wearing. We provide food, clothing, linens, toiletry items; whatever is needed until they can provide for themselves. Victim advocates (some are survivors themselves) help residents assess their needs, create a safety plan, and establish goals based on their individual circumstances with a primary focus on safety for the family. Shelter, like all our services for victims and children, is free. You may enter shelter as a victim but you will leave a survivor!

Emergency Shelter residents are provided life-saving services that include:

  • Safety planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Food and clothing
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Life management skills
  • Support groups
  • Assistance in obtaining housing
  • Locating employment
  • Court advocacy
  • Coordinated family outings and activities

By providing victims with access to information and support as well as safe refuge, the shelter services address the crucial needs of victims in the midst of crisis.

For Emergency Shelter please call the 24-Hour Hotline at (904) 354-3114 or 1-800-500-1119.