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Keeping Safe

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Help and support come in many forms. At Hubbard House, we are committed to providing a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of all victims of domestic violence. We understand leaving a violent relationship is very difficult and we want to do everything we can to keep victims safe and educated about their options. The first step to protecting you and your family is to reach out to an advocate through our 24-hour hotline (904) 354-3114 or (800) 500-1119 to receive counseling and safety planning assistance over the phone.

A safety plan is a comprehensive plan for protecting you and your children from domestic violence and/or to help you safely escape from the violence and your abuser. For a safety plan to be effective, it needs to be personalized to your situation and updated every time your situation changes. There are general things that anyone should do if they find themselves engaged in a volatile argument; things like staying away from rooms with sharp edges or weapons, rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, or making sure your access to a phone and an exit are not blocked, just in case. A safety plan goes much further than this.

Your plan may involve working out signals with trusted neighbors so they know when to call the police, changing your route to work, working out a code word with children and others so they know when you need help or making sure your children know how to call 911 and know where they can go to be safe. Often, writing out your plan helps you regain security and control of your life. Remember, this plan should be used as a guide and a reminder of ways you and your family can increase your safety. This plan should be hidden in a safe place where the abuser is unlikely to find it. It should also be reviewed and updated on a regular basis if the situation or living environment changes.

A safety plan is only part of what you can do to increase your safety. There are also legal options available to you if you have been abused or threatened with abuse.

If you are in immediate danger or have been attacked, call the police. Under Florida law, the police can arrest a person with probable cause that an act of domestic violence has been committed. And because domestic violence is an act against the state, it