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Hubbard House Foundation, Inc.

In 2005, The Hubbard House Board of Directors realized the need for a source of funds to help minimize the impact of governmental and other funding cuts. After careful research, the Hubbard House Foundation was created in 2006. It is a separate 501 c(3) from the agency and its sole purpose is to raise, invest and allocate funding to Hubbard House, Inc.

Nancy Taylor was the first Foundation President and Nancy, JoAnn Tredennick and Arthur Hurwitz were the initial officers. The Foundation recruits and invests endowed gifts that are used to ensure the long-term stability of the agency. In 2008, the Foundation completed an Endowment Campaign that raised over $5 million in gifts and pledges.

The Foundation has adopted a sound investment policy comparable to America’s best-managed endowments and has developed a spending policy to preserve the endowment’s spending power against inflation while producing a steady stream of income. Even in these difficult times, the investments are doing well.

The Foundation had made a huge difference for Hubbard House. During the 2009